IPTG 异丙基-β-D-硫代半乳糖苷

IPTG 异丙基-β-D-硫代半乳糖苷
  • CAS:367-93-1
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  • 1000KGS/MONTH
  • 25公斤装
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  • 白色粉末
  • 99%

产品:IPTG 异丙基-β-D-硫代半乳糖苷 CAS:367-93-1
乳糖类似物 IPTG的主要功能是解除阻遏物对 Lac或 Tac启动子,诱导重组蛋白 bFGF的产生,采用摇瓶实验测定了 IPTG对E.coliJM103的生长的影响。
103-pUC18-bFGF的最大生长速率和最终细胞密度不论是否加入 IPTG,其结果均比不含质粒的JM103低,说明含外源基因的细胞不论外源基因表达与否,都能影响宿主细胞的生长,只不过外源基因在表达后,其对宿主细胞的生长影响表现得更加明显。
1G, 5G, 25G, 100G, 1KG, 25KG
IPTG  Isopropyl-beta-D-thiogalactoside CAS:367-93-1


Character description
White crystalline powder; easy to dissolve in water, methanol, ethanol, soluble in acetone, chloroform, insoluble in ether. It is the inducer of beta galactosidase and beta galactotransaminase, which is not hydrolyzed by beta galactoside and is the substrate of thiosulfate galactoylase.
Melting point: 114~121 degrees centigrade
Molecular formula: C9H18O5S
Use description
The commonly used molecular biology reagents, commonly used in blue white screening and IPTG induced protein expression in bacteria.
The main function of lactose analogue IPTG is to release the repressor from Lac or Tac promoter and induce the production of recombinant protein bFGF. The effect of IPTG on E.coliJM103 growth was determined by shake flask test.
IPTG had no significant effect on the maximum growth rate and the final cell density of the plasmid free E.coliJM103, but for the plasmid containing E.coliJM
The maximum growth rate of 103-pUC18-bFGF and the final cell density regardless of whether to join the IPTG, the results are less than the plasmid containing JM103 is low, indicating whether the exogenous gene expressing cells containing exogenous gene or not, can affect the host cell growth, but in the expression of exogenous gene, its effect on the growth of the host cell is more obviously.
The activity of tryptophanase was induced by IPTG. The concentration of IPTG had great influence on the activity of tryptophanase, and low temperature was beneficial to the expression of activity. However, too low temperature would affect the growth rate of bacteria and prolong the fermentation period.
Packaging specification
1G, 5G, 25G, 100G, 1KG, 25KG
Storage conditions
Cold storage at 2-8 centigrade.
Test report:
1.PH value: 5.86
2. clarification degree: colorless clarification
3. absorbance: A330nm:0.073; A400nm:0.038
4. rotation: -29.6 degrees
5. water: 0.8%
6. melting point: 118.7-123.7
7. Purity: 99.5%
Use: IPTG is beta - use. Nowadays, IPTG has been used in more and more fields. It plays a huge role in the fields of production, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and so on, bringing greater benefits to enterprises, improving product quality and shortening product response time.


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